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Chase Cove Apartments uses SafeRent, which is a credit scoring system. Credit scoring is a system that creditors use to help determine whether to grant credit to customers. Information about an applicant's credit experiences such as bill paying history, the number and type of accounts, late payments, collections accounts, outstanding debt and the age of accounts is collected from the rental application and credit report. Using a statistical program, this information is compared to the credit performance of similar profiles. A credit scoring system awards points for each factor that helps predict who is most likely to pay debts as agreed. A total number of points or a credit score helps predict how likely applicants are to make payment when due. Credit scoring is based on real data and statistics from applicants credit experiences.

In certain instances, an applicant's credit may not allow them to be accepted through SafeRent but at the same time may not be too low to decline them either. If an applicant finds him or herself falling between the decline/accept score, an additional deposit equal to one month's rent will be required.

Monthly income must be verifiable and no less than three times the monthly rent. Roommartes combined income must be no less than three times the monthly rent.

Co-Signers/Guarantors will be accepted for those with no credit established or lack of income, but not for those who fail SafeRent screening due to poor credit history or rental history. Co-Signers/Guarantors must have verifiable income of no less than five times the monthly rent and pass SafeRent screening with Acceptable status. No Co-Signers/Guarantors will be accepted who have a SafeRent screeing with "accept with conditions". Co-Signers/Guarantors also must sign a guarantor form which must be notorized or witnessed by Chase Cove personnel. The Co-Signers/Guarantors form is provided to you at the Chase Cove leasing office.

All applicants 18 years and older must complete an application and be listed on the lease agreement.

A criminal background check will be conducted on each applicant. Applicants with felony convictions, misdemeanors involving crimes against person or property, or sex offender history will be denied residency. Convictions that are over 5 years old may be approved if the offense is not a serious crime against person or property.

Applicants must have a verifiable Social Security number through term of the lease.

Occupancy Standards:

    One-bedroom - No more than 2 occupants
    Two-bedroom - No more than 4 occupants
    Three-bedroom - No more than 6 occupants

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